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Clan MacColin Silkie

The Latest from the Chief...

Thank to all who worked on teardon, we finished in record time, signed off at 11:41 5/25/2024!

Please spread the word to your regular clan correspondents you phone or email. Facebook is useful for the casual social contact, however it is an insecure adjunct which will not have non-public information, especially what I have to pass on to you from the company. The Bulliten Board is the official place for working information. is for the general public and promoting our image.

If you have any questions please email me, and CC Lonny, chief of staff, especially for anything that has a deadline.

Yours aye, Steven

Notes From Tournaig


The Current Marks Registry Has been updated 4/4/2024, including the FOUR new marks. Hint Hint.

The Chief found we had a lot of lost and found years ago (in Agoura), and did not want the blatent appearance of names on everything while portraying and teaching about a preliterate society. As a result he ordered a registry of personal marks. This has allowed the return of goods and portraying of another part of the society.

The Chief has told everyone they need a Registered Personal Mark to retrieve their goods. Read the Marks article, as well as the rest of the Basic Guide, which has information you need. Look at the Current Marks Registry as well as the older (2013) Marks Registry PDF to design your unique personal mark (Older marks are retained since many MacColin return, even after years), and submit it.

It is easy to register your mark; just E-Mail a clear 100x100 pixel black and white jpg with name and persona name to Odo for approval, or get a reply why there may be a problem (like too close to someone else's?).   He will approve marks that are clear, unique, and appropriate, and once approved, it is permanently yours. Also send a 150x150 face selfie for the ID page. Approved marks can then be put on your app for an additional reference. If you learn the marks, you can return goods directly to the owner. Found goods go to Odo, so they can be retrieved, under orders of the Chief. Odo reviews proposed marks to make sure they are unique and will work. Marked goods can be retrieved for the fee. Unclaimed goods will eventually go to the MacColin Bros. Mercantile. And do remember, Unmarked goods are the Chief's goods. Mark everything!

The MacColin Basic Guide has information you are required to know as well as much of the basic information aggregated in the past 40+ years.

We have links to most of our resources, Living History and general.

The Outline of Links of the sets of links will help with where to look and link to them.
In the Outline use the Find function (most browsers use ctl-F) and look for a related term, like "lyric" which will also find lyrics, and once you are in the area, follow the outline tree up. Some links are old (these are the most useful sites I have found in the past years, over 4000 links, and some die every month) or slow, or are limited traffic. Try surfing these links, there is more stuff related to our interests in these than you can read in a year. And if you find another good one, let me know, and it will be added for the rest of us to use.  

The standard missives:

  • Take what you eat, eat what you take.
  • Leave it like you found it.
  • Ask to use others' goods and tools.
  • Put it back.
  • Put trash in the trash.
  •           If You would like something added to the site, tell me!
    .. . . . . . . Thank you! rubber chicken

    Clan MacColin Music (midi)
    Port na MacColin was written for the clan by Simon Spalding on commission by the Chief. As... .mid (5KB), .wav (985KB), .ogg (1073KB), .MP3 (1429KB) Amazing Grace is our traditional song at the end of the day. The tune for the Clan Fight Song is here.
    Music also enters into our humor. Some of our musicians (the "Swollen Minstrels") wrote and performed a parody, "Knocking on Gillans Door", as well as the rest of a CD. KNOCKEN.MP3 (5MB) Cailleach is mostly MacColin with great traditional music.