Clan MacColin Goods Requirements

Clan MacColin has a number of requirements for goods to make the living history family work. We must look correct, and need to work. These are the items of a minimum kit, and all must be approved. In starting, you may arrange with individuals to borrow them, but must have them. In all things, natural materials are preferred for both performance, and in the case of garments, comfort.

Everybody is required to have:

Women are required to have:

Men are required to have:

Other items become necessary very quickly, such as flashings to hold up your hose, a sporran or pouch for I.D., money, and keys. A notebook and pen are required for workshops, and are generally necessary. As a required minimum , this is not all inclusive, list for other items may be required for events (i.e. your craft goods), it is just the minimum starting point for new members.

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