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A MacColin Bibliography

This is a short list of books for more detailed information on Irish and Scottish history and culture compiled by Steven Gillan, Chief of Clan MacColin, and Crystal Gillan, his wife and Clan Maccolin Costume Mistress. Some of them are very hard to find, while others may be borrowed from other members.

First Semester Books

Highland Folkways,  I.F. Grant,  1961.  Routledge and Kegan Paul Limited, London. Paperback: Birlinn Ltd., Edinburgh, ISBN 0-86281-250-X

Irish Folkways,  E. Estyn Evans,  1976,  Routledge and Kegan Paul Limited, London,  ISBN 0-71002-861-P

>The Steel Bonnets:  The Story of the Anglo-Scottish Border Reivers,  George MacDonald Fraser,  1986,  Collins Harvill, London,  ISBN 0-00-272746-3

>The Twilight Lords,  Richard Berleth,  1994,  Barnes and Noble, Inc.  ISBN 1-56619-598-5

>The Great O'Neil,  Sean O'Faolain,  1942,  Reprinted 1992,  Mercier Press, Dublin,  ISBN 0-85342-769-0

>The Scottish Highlanders: A Personal View,  Charles Roy MacKinnon,  1984, St. Martain's Press,  New York, ISBN 0-312-70505-0

>Celtic Mythology,  Promsias MacCana,  1970,  The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd,  London/New York,  ISBN 600-00647-6


More Advanced Reading

>Anglo-Irish Trade in the Sixteenth Century,  Ada Kathleen Longfield,  1929,  George Routledge and Son Ltd. London,

>Every-Day life on an Old Highland Farm,  I.F. Grant,  1981,  Shepheard-Walwyn,  London, ISBN 0-85683-058-5

>Elizabeth's Irish Wars,  Cyril Falls,  1950,  London

>Celtic Heritage:  Ancient Tradition in Ireland and Wales,  Alwyn Rees and Brinley Rees,  1961,  Thomas and Hudson.

>Mary Queen of Scots,  Antonia Fraser,  London, 1969.

>The Saints of Ireland, Ryan Darcy,Mary, St.Paul: The Irish American Cultural Institute, 1974.


> Scottish Crafts,  Ian Finlay,  1948,  George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd.  London,

>Traditional Scottish Dyes, and How to Make Them,  Jean Fraser,  Illustrated by Florence Knowles,  1985,  Cannongate Publishing, Ltd.  Edinburgh,  ISBN 0-86241-1084

>British Coracles and Irish Curraghs,  James Hornell, F.L.S., F.R.A.I.  1938,  Published for the Society of Nautical Research, Bernard Quaritch, Ltd.  London.


>Tartans,  Christine Hesketh,  1961,  Library of Congress Catalogue #61-122200

>Old Irish and Highland Dress, With Notes on that of the Isle of Man,  H.F. McClintock, Tempest,  1943,  Dundalgan Press, Dundalk.

>Dress in Ireland,  Mairead Dunlevy,  1989,  Holms and Meir Publishers, Inc. 30 Irving Place, Ney York, N.Y.  ISBN 0-8419-1269-8

>The History of Highland Dress,  John Telefer Dunbar,  1962,  Oliver and Boyd,  London and Edinburgh.

>Patterns of Fashion: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women c.1560-1620,  Janet Arnold,  1994,  MacMillian London Ltd.  London.

>This a short list, no way exhaustive. The serious clan member should keep a notebook on their readings to record questions and insights. Boaire candidates will be held to a level of knowledge of these publications.  Remember, just because its in print does not mean that the conclusions of the author are true or even useful. Develop a critical sense.