The Grad Flaith Households 
of MacColin

In our recreation of the clan system, we have also used one of the major organizing aspects, the Grad Flaith Households, with their hierarchy of tenancy, to help with administrative organization. Each Captain's household is a tenent of the Chief, each of which have tenents who in turn have tenents. These are the top level households, with their areas shown in the Glenderry map.

Chief's Household 
Steven Gillan

Steven Gillan, Chief of MacColin of Glenderry
Aultbea Bay and Aird Point
Membership in this household is by invitation only, primarily household officers and close relatives, it is the smallest administrative unit. The home farm includes the tower on the point and the land from current Mellon Charles (Meall Tearlach) south to current Aultbea and Loch a Bhaid-Inachraich. It borders Slaggen to the north and east, and Tournaig to the south and east. 57.8402n 5.5824w

 We all serve our Chief:

Steven F. Gillan (21st century name)
Stiofan mac Yarl mhic Roich mhic Geordie A Giollain Maccaiolinn (16th century name)
na Gleannadoire (of Glenderry)
Ceann Cinnidh na Clanna Maccaolinn (Chief of MacColin)
An Baran Gleannadoire & Clonmines (Baron of Glenderry and Clonmines)

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Maccaolin na Tournaig 
Captain Odo's Household 
Norman Montgomery

Tournaig Bay
The household is named for Tournaig (Tornaig or Thuirnaig, etc.- pre-16th C. name), the tack (land held and sublet for the household), on the southeastern shore of Loch Ewe, just a few Km south of Glenderry (on modern maps known on maps as Aultbea, on the mainland due east from Harris), north east of what is now the Inverewe Gardens, with the tack covering the area from just south of Aultbea, inland toward Laide, but not including it, and west (and south) to the Ewe river, and south to the head of Loch Marie. The major settlements (yes, three families is major to us) include all those tiny named places around Poolewe, and Tournaig (57.7879n 5.5674w), which is a beautiful, green farm.
Norman Ott Montgomery (21st century name)
Odo mac Raibert mhic Sorley Montgomrie Maccaiolin (16th century name)
na Tournaig (the "Style": of Tournaig)
an Fear Sporran (Treasurer)
Maor Bailie na Gleannadoire (Mayor of Glenderry)
Caputum  (Captain)
Ceann Tighe Maccaolin na Tournaig (Chieftain of ~)
He served as a galoglaigh in Eire fighting for the Butlers in the Desmond Wars in southwestern Ireland before he was forced to flee, and is head of the third cadet branch of the Scottish family of Colin and as such wears two vertical feathers as Ceann Tighe Maccaolin na Tournaig, one of the grad flaith households. The Chief's lineage is closer to the original Chiefly line, as Odo's descends through a third brother of the Colin, and his through the first, with An Doire and Slaggen deriving from other brothers. It is a Scottish family which remained in Scotland. He lives with his wife Una in a large blackhouse.

 He is the 'An Fear Sporran (the Chief's treasurer) and also serves as An Maor Baille for Glenderry with the civic responsibilities for the village, including administering the rents, and is responsible for collecting any taxes and fines levied within the Clan, and for knowing pretty much who has what.

 Odo's household is composed primarily of Clanaholics, those who distinguish themselves by excessive work, with more interest in a variety of crafts, with members strewn from San Diego to Barstow.

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Maccaolin na Slaggen 
Captain Uillim's    Household 
William Voorhes 

The household is named for Slaggen, the tack (land held and sublet for the household), on the north and eastern portion of our peninsula. The home farm includes the entire northern part of the peninsula including Slaggen (57882837n 5.636547w), Mellon Udrigal, and Achagarve, and south toward Laide.
William Voorhes (21st century name)
Uilliam Mac Uilliam Maccaiolin (16th century name)
Slaggen (the "Style": of Slaggen)
An Marshall Tieg (Chief's bodyguard)
Caputum (Captain)
Ceann Tighe Maccaolin na Slaggen (Chieftain of ~)
As An Marshall Tieg, he is traditionally in charge of the Chief's bodyguard and the watch on the Chief's home, training and drilling the fighting men to the satisfaction of the Chief, and instilling a fighting spirit in the company. He is also responsible for conducting court to resolve disputes not attended to by the Chief. Bill Voorhes (Uilliam Mac Uilliam), is one of the Chief's Irish kinsmen, having served the Chief in Ireland in the Desmond Wars.

 Uilliam's household is geographically the northern most (16th & 21st centuries), and has typically been more involved in the military end of things, and commerce.

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Maccaolin na An Doire
Captain Sean Pol's Household 
Paul Mohney

This household is named for An Doire, the tack (the land held and sublet for the household) which was named for our ancestral oak grove, on the western shore of Loch Maree from just south of Tollie farm, south through Slatadale (57.6831n 5.5326w), and west to the peaks.
Paul Mohney (Ret.) (21st century name)
Sean Pol O'Mohoney Maccaiolin (16th century name)
An Doire (the "Style": of An Doire)
Ghille Cas Fliuch (the "water ghillie")
Caputum (Captain)
Ceann Tighe Maccaolin na An Doire (Chieftain of ~)
The Chief's Ghillie Cas Fliuch (so called because it is his job to carry the Chief dry-shod over any stream in the path) is also a Captain in rank. and is our "Admiral," in charge of the galleys in time of battle. The Baintighe (Lady of the House) is Paul's wife Cecilia (Sile Dubh). The household motto is "Never too proud to duck."

 This office is held by Paul Mohney (Sean-Pol), another Irishman and kinsman of the Chief. Paul is also the Clan's bone and muscle realigner. His household is one of the largest in Clan, and his kinship network is extensive, both by blood and by marriage. His houshold is currntly managed by Ty Sidnam, running recruitment.

The An Doire household serves multiple purposes, being at once a household often involved in major construction, and the entry household ("Holding Company") where new members learn about the Clan until they choose to join a household (which may be An Doire, after all). The home farm is located on the western shore of Loch Maree from just south of Tollie farm, south to just north of Slatadale, and west to the peaks.

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Maccaolin na Eilein Ewe 
the Tanist's Household 
Jessica Gillan

My household is named for Eilein Ewe (the Isle of Ewe), my tack (the land I hold from the Chief for my household), is the Isle of Ewe. I am:
Jessica Gillan (21st century name)
Issica nic Stiofan mac Yarl mhic Roich
mhic Geordie A Giollain Maccaiolinn
(16th century name)
Ledy (the "Style")
Tannista (Title)
Jessica, as a world class Irish dancer, and teacher, is our dance mistress, choreographing and directing our dance shows.

Officially established 1/30/93, this is the Tanist's (Jessica Gillan) household, composed primarily of household officials, and admission is by her suffrage. The home lands are Eilean Ewe (57.8264n 5.6037w)(the Isle of Ewe).

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Maccaolin na 
Lt. Uilliam's Household
Bill Jacobs

Bill Jacobs's household was raised to a Grad Flaith Household 1/28/99.
This household is named for Kinlochewe, the tack (the land held and sublet for the household) which is located on the southern shore of Loch Maree at the main tributary of this fresh water loch. (57.6075n 5.2300w)
Bill Jacobs (21st century name)
Uilliam ... Maccaiolinn (16th century name)
Kinlochewe (the "Style": of ___)
Caputum (16th C title, Captain)
Ceann Tighe Maccaolin na Kinlochewe (Chieftain of ~)
He and his wife Catherine have the resposibility of the CCC (Celtic Catering Corp) and keep us well fed at faire and games. They frequently involve all who are willing in singing in both traditional songs during the day and more recent songs after hours.

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