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Bold items are official events. See your Seannachie for more details and addresses and phone numbers.
Remember to check Messageboard early and often, for it may have more urgent information.

Calendar Version is up.

Old Fort MacArthur Days 7/7-8/18 Our favorite event of the year! Green grass, an ocean breeze, and customers who genuinely care about our craft. Fort MacArthur is a competitive event for historical re-enactors that include Romans, Civil War, WW I & II groups. Single weekend event, camping is encouraged.
Remember to bring your eating goods and mugs, and two gallons of water per day for this record hot weeekend (spent in the best place for it).
Old Fort MacArthur Days 7/7-8/18
William Topaz McGonagall Nite celebated at the Jacob's with a dinner in inverted order starting 7:00pm. Celebrate bad poetry with good friends. Assistance is in order.

The Chief requests members frequently check so he can quickly get information to all.