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For Clan MacColin internal use only.
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This is the Current Registered Marks page, that being the hundred plus marks to check when looking for a mark now, thought they are permanent, with many more in use, but not here now. We have four generations of members active.

The ID Project needs a clear, small 150x150 pixel picture of each face, kids included just like apps, that will read when printed by a b&w printer so we have a reference. It helps in learning 16th & 21st century names and returning goods. Send approriate pictures with 16th & 21st century names directly to Odo. You can also get marks approved, registered, and published. That also means you can pick a picture you like, instead of me making do with what I can, including clowning.

A look at the Old Marks Registry pdf shows you what marks are already in use, with examples good and bad. The more work a mark is, the less likely you will want to put it on everything, which it needs to be to get returned. Look at them sideways, upside down, picture them scraped on a screw and you will see the problems. And people return after years.