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Clan MacColin of Glenderry

The Oath

Years ago, when the Chief took office, he gave an oath to the family. Since that time there have been many changes, differences of opinion, people, and situation. As a result of one civil war in the outfit in 1983, when a faction was so divisive that the Chief was ready to leave, he gave us a choice, as the hay bale wore the feathers. All but five followed him and gave an oath of allegiance to the Chief. To remember our history, roots, and mission, we established a tradition of annually reaffirming our oath of allegiance to the Chief on his official birthday.

 The oath is simple, elegant, and direct, serving the historic purpose without overkill: "As God mote me, so shall I serve thee." The Chief renews his oath to serve the family. This reminds us of our allegiance, our mission, and our purpose, to learn and teach about our culture and time, from which this tradition is drawn. We are a clan in both the sixteenth and twentieth centuries, and this echos the heroic nature of our society, again giving an oath to our Chief, in another time, with a different meaning. Other individual arrangements may be made in advance for those who have twentieth century religious difficulties with this, but it is expected that all participating in the ceremony will give their oath. It is a reaffirmation of who and what we are.

 Traditionally, joining a clan required an oath or "band of manrent". A sample is included here for illustration.

A Band of Manrent

This band of manrent, or the formal adoption of a chief, comes a little more than six years after Flodden.

Be it kend ti all men be thir present lettiris, me Robert Orrok, son to ane honorabill man Jamis Orrok of that Ilk, bindis and oblisis me be the faith in my bodie to stand for all the dayis of my lyf trew man and servand to ane honorabill man John Melville of the Rayth, knicht, aganis all uthiris, the Kingis Grace, my Lord Governour, my Lord Sanctandrois, now present, the Abbottis and Convent of Dunfermling and [thair successoris ?] exceptit; and sall taik his aefauld pairt with my personn, freindis, and servandis; And attour I sall nocht heir his skaith or dishonour bot I sall advertise him of the samyn; And I sall gif him my counsall in all mateiris to his weill and honour as to my self; And gif this manrent be nocht sufficiand, it sall be extendit as the said John, knicht, thinkis expedient, and the said Robert, in the best form.

At the Rayth, subscrivit with my hand the secund day of Januar in the yeir of God McVc and xix yeirs, befoir this witnes, William Schevez, Jorge Balfour, William Mailville, with otheris divers.

Robert Orrok, son to umquhill James Orrok of that Ilk, with my hand.
Oath at Faire
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