As other societies and organizations, MacColin has heirarchies. While the military portion has a very specific, observable rank, we also have other heirarchies with varying degrees of impact. Socially, we have the households, civil, church, and skills which for a web, and which is most important depends on the context, be it the situation, task, or problem at the time.

Housholds are based in land tenure, with all our lands held from the Chief, primarily by the Grad Flaith Households, and others holding from them. The Chief's household is by invitation only. Some are small, some large. The Maccaolin na An Doire household also serves as the newcommers holding company while new members learn and find their place for the first year after which theyare expected to find a permenent household.

Dhuine Uaisail are the gentle folk, mostly long term members, entitled to wear a flat feather. Some offices carry this rank.

Offices are another part of this, with some offices being ceremonial while others are active working offices. Most offices are the result of the holder seeing the need and doing the job long enough that the Chief see fit to make it official.

The church has its heirarchy which is included since the church was important in the highlands of the time.

Ranks and Marks of Rank

Military Feathers are vertical; flat feathers denote Gentlefolk.

Gentlefolk are the Dhune Uasal. Advancement of rank requires study and work to become Boaire, those succesful enough to own cattle. The process is described in the Boaire Handbook (.docx).