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Musket Drill

Light your match.

From the gun resting but to the ground, picking up to march.

1. Pick up your gun by the great screw
Holding onto the gun by your left hand,lift up gun, with right hand grab the gun behind the gate thumb on the left side of gun, release left hand.

2. Shoulder your piece.
Place your gun on your left shoulder, with your left hand grab the thumb notch in the stock, release your right hand). From there you march or move on.

Now in formation.

3. Pick up your piece by the great screw.
Once again with the right hand fingers behind the gate thumb on the side, pick up off your shoulder.

4. Pause your piece.
Still in right hand, hold straight up and down.

5. let you piece sink in your left hand.
Hold out your left hand and place your gun in your left hand, finding a balance point then releasing your right hand.

6. Open your pan.

7. pick up your primer.

8. prime your piece.
Pore out primer into your pan, quickly like dumping.

9. Put down your primer.

10. Close your pan.

11. Cast off lose grains.
Placing right hand behind gate role gun forward or shake forward.

12. Blow off lose grains.
Bring up your gun in front of your mouth, and blow off any left grains, releasing right hand.

13.Cast your piece about.
In left hand drop the but of the gun down and a round to the left side. If need be let gun slide down so mussel is low for ease of loading. But not having the butt to the ground this should look to be at an inclined angle like so/.

14. Pick up your charger.

15. Charge your piece.
With thumb push off cap of charge bottle.

16. Recover your piece.
In left hand swing but around and up to an inclined angle, mussel up butt down.

17. Guard your pan.
With your first two fingers place over your pan.

18. Blow well your match.
Lean over blow off ash.

19. Pick up your match.

20. Set your match.
Place your match in your cock making sure it is tight, adjust screw if need.

21. Try your match.
With your right hand reach over grab the cock pushing down making sure match will land in of pan. Making sure the right length of match will reach your pan.

22. Guard your pan.

23. Make ready your match.
Blow off ash).

24. Present your piece.
Opening your pan and souldering our gun.

25. Give fire.
On the word fire, squeeze the sear bar to bring down the match into your pan.

26. Recover your match.

27. Clean out your pan.
With your right finger wipe out your pan, you may as well use a pick and brush.