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Doon by Stirling Brig, the Wallace lay in hiding
As the Englishmen, frae the south came riding
Loud the river Forth, between them baith was gurling
Gurling oot o' sicht, below the Brig O Stirling
Watching frae the wood, the Wallace and the Moray
As the English Cam' wi' the Earl O' Surrey
Ane by ane they crossed, a' the brig was filling
Still they onward cam' o'er the Brig O' Stirling
Wallace gave the shout, oot his men cam running
Stopped the English host on the Brig O' Stirling
Cressingham turned round, the brig was sma' for turning
Moray cut him down on the Brig O' Stirling
All the English men ran intae each other
Nane could turn about, nane could gae much further
Some fell o'er the side in the Forth was drowning
Some were left tae dee on the Brig O' Stirling


Note: We start with Verse 1 (not chorus)

1) Let the farmer praise his grounds, let the hunter praise his hounds,
And the shepherd his sweet scented lawn;
But I, more blest than they, spend each happy night and day
With my darlin’ little cruiskeen lawn, lawn, lawn
Oh, my darlin’ little cruiskeen lawn.

Gra-ma-chree ma-cruiskeen, slainte geal mavoorneen
Gra-machree ma-cruiskeen, lawn lawn lawn,
Oh, Gra-machree ma-cruiskeen, lawn.*

GRA-ma-kree ma CROOS-keen, SLAN-che gehl ma-VOOR-neen

2) Immortal and divine, great Bacchus god of wine,
Create me by adoption your own son,
In hopes that you’ll comply, that my glass shall ne’er run dry,
Nor my darlin’ little cruiskeen lawn lawn lawn,
My darlin’ little cruiskeen lawn

3) And when grim death appears, in a few but happy years,
He’ll say oh won’t you come along with me,
I’ll say begone, you knave! For King Bacchus gave me leave,
To take another cruiskeen lawn lawn lawn,
To take another cruiskeen lawn

4) Then fill your glasses high, let’s not part with lips so dry,
Though the lark now proclaims it is the dawn,
And since we can’t remain,
May we shortly meet again,
To fill another cruiskeen lawn lawn lawn,
To fill another cruiskeen lawn


1) Fiach Mc Cair, hold your face, brooding o'er the old disgrace when
Black Fitzwilliam stormed your place and drove you to the fern.
Grey said victory was sure soon the firebrand he'd secure
Til he met at Glenmalure with Fiach MacHugh O'Byrne

Curse and swear Lord Kildare, Fiach will do what Fiach will dare
Now Fitzwilliam have a care, fallen is your star low
Up with Halberd, out with sword, on we'll go for by the Lord
Fiach MacHugh has given his word. Follow me up to Carlow.

2) See the swords of Glen na Mal, a flashing o'er the English pale
See all the soldiers of the Gael beneath O'Byrne's banner
Rooster of a fighting stock would yet let the English cock
Cry out upon an Irish rock, fly up and teach him manners.

3) Now from Tassagart to Clonmore, there flows a stream of Saxon gore
And great is Rory Og O'More at sending loons to Hades
White is sick and Grey has fled, now for Black Fitzwilliam's head
We'll send it over dripping red, to Liza and her ladies


Note: Refer to lyrics here; slight variances in Dubliner’s version.

1) Farewell my lovely Dinah,
A thousand times adieu
For I go away from the holy ground
And the girls that we love true
WE will sail the salt seas over
And then return for sure
To see again the girls we love
And the holy ground once more

You’re the girl I do adore, but still I live in hopes to see the Holy Ground once more.

2) And now the storm is raging
And we are far from shore
And this good old ship is tossin’ about
And the riggin’ is all torn
And the secret of my mind, my love,
Is that you’re the girl that I adore
And still I live in hopes to see the Holy Ground once more

3) But now the storms are over
And we are safe and well
We will go into a public house
And we’ll sit ad drink like hell!
We will drink strong ale and porter
And make the rafters roar
And when our money is all spent
We’ll go to sea once more


Note: Refer to our lyrics for Anglish translation . We begin with “He liene bake ho el oro”

He liene bake ho el oro (3 TIMES)
who o rhino who ah ella

1) Earl son of the bonnie banners (3 TIMES)
Saw your ship upon the water

2) Saw your ship upon the waters (3 TIMES)
Helm of gold and mast of silver
3) Helm of gold and mast of silver (3 TIMES)
Shrouds of silken rope of Galway

4) Shrouds of silken rope of Galway (3TIMES)
Silken sail of Spanish scarlet

5) Silken sail of Spanish scarlet (3 TIMES)
None the like is seen in Alt Bay

6) None the like is seen in Alt Bay (3 TIMES)
Earl son of the bonnie banners


Note: Refer to our lyrics below for variations.

I'm a rover, seldom sober
I'm a rover of high degree
Ans when I'm drinking, I'm always thinking
How to gain my love's company.

1) Though the night be dark as dungeon, not a star to be seen above
I will be guided without a stumble, into the arms of me only love.
I went up to her bedroom window, kneeling gently upon a stone
I rapped on her bedroom window "My darling dear, do you lie alone"?

2) He steppit up to her bedroom window
Kneeling gently upon the stone
He rappit at her bedroom window
“Darlin’ dear, do you lie alone?”

3) She raised her from her snow-white pillow,
Raised her arms up around her breast,
"Who is that at me bedroom window,
Disturbing me at me lang night's rest?

4) "It's only me, your ain true lover,
Open the door and let me in.
For I hae come on a lang night's journey.
I am near drenched to the skin".

5) She opened the door with the greatest pleasure,
She opened the door and she let him in
They both sho ok hands and embraced each other.
'Til the morning they lay as one.

6) The cocks were crowin’, the birds were whisltin’,
The burns they ran free abune the brae,
“Remember, lass, I’m a ploughman’s laddie
And the fairmer I must obey.”

7) "Noo my lass, I must gang and leave thee
And though the hills they are high above,
I will climb them with greater pleasure,
Since I been in the airms o’ my love.”