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This is our official website (Admin: Norman Montgomery) which has the Basic Guide and extensive links in REF07.HTM (Living History) and REF08.HTM
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This is our official message forum (Admin: Chief, Lonny Rawlings, Asst. Admin: Ian Roberts, Brownwynn Rawlings, Tech Support: Rhett Lowe, Spenser Clark) Name and password required. -
This is our Facebook ("secret") chat group (Admin: Chief, Lonny Rawlings, Ian Roberts, Jessica Gibbs, Tigh Sidnam, Melissa Sidnam, Brownwynn Rawlings) -
This our Facebook public fan page (Admins & Editors: Chief, Lonny Rawlings, Ian Roberts, Brownwynn Rawlings, Tigh Sidnam, Melissa Sidnam) -
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This is our online blog where we keep articles and links of interest (Lonny Rawlings, Ian Roberts)
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MacColin Buy/Sell/Trade -
Admin: Amy Myrtetus
MacColin Ceilidh Band -
Admin: None currently
MacColin Clothing Resources -
Admin: Regina Lawson, Elizabeth Machado, Chief
MacColin Dance Show -
Admins & Moderators: Jessica Gibbs, Shelley Puente, Leana Davis, Becky O'Neal, Kris Johns
MacColin Fiber Arts -
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MacColin Gunners -
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MacColin Choir -
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(Admin: John Eddings)

Official Board.
MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. Set your notifications and bookmark the site. You can also pin the site link to your desktop/laptop screen as well as on your phone home screen. Rhett Lowe and Ian Roberts can walk you through some of those things if you can't get it to work.

IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE OFFICIAL BOARD CONTACT Michelle Rawlings FOR A LINK.   If you do not check that board you may miss important things that will not be shared on Facebook.

If you would like specific photos shared on the various social media platforms like Instagram and the fan page, feel free to send them to Michelle Rawlings. It is also important that your email address is updated with Michelle Rawlings and Odo MacColin me as well.