MacColin Home

MacColin of Glenderry

Build Notes

Rafters require 2 simpson ties each. Corner braces require 2 timberlocs each. Crockets require 1 timberloc each.


 14 crockets, 7 stakes.
 boathouse 1 & 2: 12 rafters, 10 corner braces.

Tap House

Gable is 2 piece 7' 4x4.
Platform Requires a 7' 2x6 to be added on the end for use, and 
removed for storage. 


All kitchen parts are kept in the kitchen, in the bottom cabinet 
farthest from the door. This includes all the bolts, nuts and 
washers, including those not in use. The Canvas roof is kept 
there, hardware, and a jack. Loading and storage straps stay here. 
The water heater stores on a shelf.
Plumbing is not stored here.
boathouse 1&2:light brown.
  10 rafters (20 simp), 14 corner braces (28 timberlocs), 3 engineering stakes


Black. 14 corner braces. 



see notes


Old Pike rack

black. 6 corner braces.

Wood Shop

Dark green.
10 crockets, 5 stakes


The hardware is kept in the labled orange bucket.
boathouse 1&2: Red. 
 10 rafters, 14 corner braces, one stake.


The ice chest is full of Only 2x6" joist hangers.
The Bucket labled 2x6" joist hangers is Only such
One bucket of adhesive and calk, labled. guns needed
Engineering stakes are on the steel shelving 
Veranda steps (both) are in behind the shelves
Propane may be chained outside