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Clan MacColin of Glenderry

Boaire Requirements

  1. Be a Clan member of at least three years (three Faires, setup to teardown).
  2. Have enough items for at least three extra people other than yourself ... clothes, weapons, eating implements, etc.
  3. Read all required books, and pass oral or written tests on the material in them.
  4. Know the basic knots and lashes, to be tested and to teach them.
  5. Own totally or a part of a large prop (must be approved by the Chief).
  6. Do a term paper on the required reading.
  7. Know the family history, both ancient and modern.
  8. Know common Gaelic phrases and pike commands to execute and understand, with acceptable accent.
  9. Be able to perform, demonstrate, and teach the daily living basic crafts, with names and uses of common tools.
  10. Have a well-developed persona that has been approved by the Chief.