Clan MacColin Membership Application Information

What is on the Clan Application, and why? We have crammed most all of our paperwork onto one form to keep it all cleaner. The one form serves for mailing, contact, medical, membership, legal, and information purposes, rather than one for each. If any information changes, please fill out a new form so we keep only a correct, current copy.
Primary identification
Clan Name:
Your persona name for ID. More may know you by this name than by your 20 century name, since it is used during events.
Your Seannachie is mailed here, and this is where others will try to car pool from.
Kept OUT of the Clan MacColin Directory-
if you need to avoid address publication, as Peace Officers, etc.
Male, Female:
Needed for identification, since some names (i.e. Terry) give no clue.
Home, Work and Cell Phone numbers
, with notation whether the work number is OK, limited, or emergency only, for communication and publishing.
Social Security#:
Is sometimes required for events for tax purposes, insures better data integrity (using middle name, married name). Also asked for by EMTs.(Emergency Medical Technicians)
Date of Birth:
Determines legal status, especially for medical purposes.
Email, HP Address, Publish:
another means of contact, and authorization for publication so other members can find you.
Emergency Party & Phone:
Who do we notify?
The ambulance people want this info, so let them copy it and ask if it is right instead of playing 20 (thousand when you hurt) questions.
Faire Friend & Where:
Who takes your stuff home for you if you are hurt?
We take care of our own, and answer the ambulance questions so you only correct them or confirm they have it right, from the app.
Drugs Used/Carried:
Do you have what you or a family member need?
Drug Sensitivities:
What do you need to avoid?
What else do we need to know?
Current Red Cross, CPR, Other:
Are you current, and can help?
"By my mark I request admittance to Clanna MacColin of Gleannadoire. I offer my calp, and pledge my acceptance of the command of the chief and to his Officers, who speak with his voice."
The traditional request for membership in a clan was by offering your "calp", your best animal, to the chief. You pledge to obey the Chief, and the officers, who speak on his behalf. A sponsoring member is the person who brought you in, and will answer as many questions as they can before others need to take over.
Everyone starts in the household that is designated as the holding company for the first year, after which you can choose the household you fit in best, be it by persona relationship, interests, or personal preference.

Registered Personal Mark:   As a pre-literate society, our goods would be marked with a personal mark rather than a written name to identify it, needed in a communal setting found at events. There is a nominal fee for returned goods, more unmarked goods, since officers will be storing them much longer.
The insurance disclaimer is needed in tort happy Southern California, basically saying you are responsible for yourself.

For Participating Minors:   The parents or guardians must make that statement, and authorize the Chief to get prompt medical treatment for a minor when needed without the delay of trying to chase someone down before emergency treatment is started.
As with all legal documents, a dated signature is required for each part.

The upshot of it is you get your Seannachie mailed to you, an if you break your arm jumping out of a tree, the EMT gets to copy all the information he needs from the app and just ask you if it is right. We make sure your goods get home, you get treated, and problems are minimized, and the Clan doesn't get sued.